A new style of real estate.

Like many we too see most agents as the same. We look around and see the same look, the same approach, the same talk, the same style. And that’s not who we are for our clients.

We don’t believe in the factory approach to selling real estate, we don’t believe in copying our competitors, we don’t believe in doing what we do because ‘it’s always been done that way’.

At AMG Real Estate we believe as the profession and technology evolves, we can break from the same and bring a new approach, a new quality of conversation, a new integration of technology and a new level of expertise – quite simply a new style of real estate. The AMG Style.

Everything we do is focused on adding value and empowering our clients and team to make great decisions that deliver brilliant results.

The AMG Way

AMG takes its own approach to real estate.

Just as every property is unique, so too are your needs and aspirations. We’ll listen to them and deliver on them. When you invite AMG to manage your property requirements we aim to develop a relationship with you that is candid, attentive and ongoing.

We appreciate that buying, selling and leasing can be an emotional experience and we’re committed to alleviating any pressure for you. AMG's highly astute property specialists work collaboratively to ensure you receive only the most apt and accurate advice so you can be confident about the choices you make for your property.

An innovative, multi-layered marketing plan will give your property a true advantage in today’s competitive market and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Your property’s most appealing story.

With over 80 years of combined experience across all facets of real estate we know that every property has its own compelling story and that every property requires a bespoke campaign to guarantee a first-rate result.

The AMG team will work with you to craft a comprehensive sales strategy that tells and sells the most appealing story of your property.

Utilising the most current print and digital marketing tools, as well as the latest consumer research and insights, the maximum number of prospective buyers will be targeted quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we’ll remain alert and adaptable to the campaign’s response in the market.

In addition to our own ‘A List’ of high net worth property buyers and sellers we have access to the exclusive clientele of many other independent agencies across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

You can be assured that only the most appropriate resources will be allocated to taking your property to market and that all relevant avenues will be exploited.

Accountability and assurance

It is essential to have a dependable guide to navigate the contemporary real estate market.

When you engage the services of AMG Real Estate every member of our team works with you with accountability and assurance. We know what we’re doing and we don’t leave anything to chance.

AMG Real Estate is articulate in every aspect of property. We have strong market knowledge, vast sales success, award-winning marketing expertise, powerful negotiating skills, and we’re committed to applying the necessary time, energy and service to exceed your property aspirations.

We’re here to alleviate the pressure of buying and selling.

You will be kept constantly informed with candid advice and accurate information so that you can be confident that you achieve the best result and never undersell your property.

A Bold Commitment

We appreciate the distinction between what your property is worth and how much a buyer will be prepared to pay for it. Nonetheless, we have a bold commitment to exceed your sale ambitions.

But success doesn’t happen by chance.

Comparable current listings and recent sales in your neighbourhood are studied. Current market conditions and broader influencing factors such as the state of the economy are gauged. The buyer profile and buyer demand is ascertained based on the style of your property, its condition, unique features, size, floor plan and development potential.

The AMG Real Estate team then commits to attaining and exceeding your goal with a comprehensive tailor-made marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a one-bedroom investment property or a multi-million dollar home, each sales campaign is designed to create a competitive environment for your property.

Our independent partners and other local agents are also openly welcomed to introduce buyers to your property. Should another agent secure a successful buyer we will pay the agent a conjunctional fee from our commission with no additional cost to you.

At the end of the day we’re not just listing your property to market it, we’re listing it to sell.

AMG Real Estate takes its own approach to real estate. Just as every property is unique, so too are your needs and aspirations. We’ll listen to them. And deliver on them. When you invite AMG Real Estate to manage your property requirements we aim to develop a relationship with you that is candid, attentive and ongoing. We are here to serve you. You are the reason for our work, not an interruption to it. Whether buying, selling or renting we will always endeavour to provide you with the best service, the most up to date information and to treat you with the greatest respect.

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